Newsletter January 2011

January 27, 2011

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The CP3-newsletters summarize the centre’s activities and accomplishments over a period of typically three months. The previous newsletter is from September 2010. More information can be found on our webpage

Outreach & Prizes


  • A list of our short time guests can be found here. Not counting participants at our conferences and workshops, we in total had 31 guests in 2010.

People at CP3-Origins

Events at CP3-Origins

A list of all events taking place at CP3-Origins can be found here.

Future Events

  • MASS 2011 is the second conference in a series of meetings with the main aim of bringing together experts working at the frontier of research on the origin of bright and dark matter in particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology. MASS 2011 will be held May 9-13.


During 2010, researchers at CP3-Origins have published in total 54 preprints. A list of all our preprints can be found here.

Future Newsletters

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