Newsletter September 2010

September 30, 2010

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The CP3-newsletters summarize the centre’s activities and accomplishments over a period of typically three months.
The previous newsletter is from June 2010. More information can be found on our webpage

Outreach & Prizes


  • A list of our short time guests can be found here.

People at CP3-Origins

Events at CP3-Origins

  • STRONGBSM Kickoff. Poster for STRONGBSM KickoffIn the middle of August CP3-Origins hosted the kickoff meeting for the STRONGBSM network.
  • Welcome 1st year students. In the beginning of September CP3-Origins held a welcome meeting for the first year physics and science students.
  • Due to the summer vacation, we only had 1 CP3-Lecture and 3 Journal Club meetings in the last three months. Most of our meetings are recorded and can be seen on our web page.

A list of all events taking place at CP3-Origins can be found here.

Future Events


Since the last newsletter, researchers at CP3-Origins have published 14 preprints. A list of all our preprints can be found here.

Future Newsletters

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