Two CP3-Genius bachelor students get scholarships

September 23, 2010

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Helene Gertov and Martin Zangenberg, two of our CP3-Genius Bachelor Students, were recently awarded Oticon scholarships.

Helene: I am very grateful that my interests in physics has been rewarded with this Oticon scholarship, even though I am only in the beginning of second year of my education. I have no plans of going abroad or other big expenses, but now I have the money to do so if I get the opportunity, and I can use more time on my education and the physics I do here on CP3.

Martin: I am very happy that my enthusiasm for physics at this early stage of my studies is recognized and that I am getting supported by the Oticon scholarship. Even though I am not yet going to travel abroad or have other big single expenses, the money will surely come in handy in my everyday and the future. Because now I do not have to focus that much on the economy, but can instead invest my energy and time on what matters the most to me; understanding the basic laws and composition of the Universe.

The Oticon scholarship is granted to students of physics at SDU. At the bachelor level, each student receives DKK 15,000-30,000 with the purpose of giving him or her the opportunity to concentrate on their studies.