Two new Ph.D. Students

September 1, 2010

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September 1, two new Ph.D. students start at CP3-Origins. Jakob Jark Jørgensen and Ulrik Ishøj Søndergaard both start as 4+4 Ph.D. students, i.e., they will get their M.Sc. degree halfway during their studies.

Ulrik adds “There were many reasons that I felt compelled to apply for this position at CP3. I have through the studies at master level been exposed to some very exciting physics. The position allows me to get involved in research at the high-energy frontier and this is particularly interesting in a time where the Large Hadron Collider operates at energies higher than ever. I intent in the Ph.D. project to focus on orthogonal technicolor, gauge theories with spinorial representations, technicolor theories under extreme conditions and their equations of state.”

Jakob will focus his Ph.D. studies on “Strong dynamics for cosmology” dividing his effort between two subprojects on respectively, composite dark matter and dynamical origin of inflation.