Efficient simulation algorithms from dualization of spin-systems

Who: Michael Westh Hansen (CP3-Origins)
When: Thursday, May 31, 2018

Michael Westh Hansen’s bachelor advisor was Michele Della Morte


Throughout this paper, two different algorithms (Worm and Metropolis) will be used to simulate the Ising model. It will be explained mathematically why the algorithms give the same outcome. This will then be used to simulate some data, which relates ferromagnetic materials, and this data will then be analysed using the method of calculating the error. This will be used to evaluate which algorithm is best, considering what it is used for. In this case we will consider which is the best algorithm to estimate a critical value for the temperature of the materials. Both algorithms has an area of low error, and an area of high error. But in the end, the Worm algorithm should be better for the estimation of the critical temperature.