Neutron star stability in light of the neutron decay anomaly

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2018-42 DNRF90
Authors: Benjamin Grinstein (UC San Diego), Chris Kouvaris (CP3-Origins), and Niklas Grønlund Nielsen (CP3-Origins)
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A recent proposal suggests that experimental discrepancies on the lifetime of neutrons can be resolved if neutrons decay to dark matter. At the same time it has been demonstrated that such a
decay mode would soften the nuclear equation of state resulting in neutron stars with a maximum
mass much below currently observed ones. In this paper we demonstrate that appropriate dark matter-baryon interactions can accommodate neutron stars with mass above 2 solar masses. We
also show that dark matter self-interactions could also help neutrons stars reach 2 solar masses
provided that dark matter is of asymmetric nature.