Scheme-Independent Calculations of Properties at a Conformal Infrared Fixed Point in Gauge Theories with Multiple Fermion Representations

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2018-32 DNRF90
Authors: Thomas Ryttov (CP3-Origins & DIAS) and Robert Shrock (C. N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics)

In previous work we have presented scheme-independent calculations of physical properties of operators at a conformally invariant infrared fixed point in an asymptotically free gauge theory with gauge group $G$ and $N_f$ fermions in a representation $R$ of $G$. Here we generalize this analysis to the case of fermions in multiple representations, focusing on the case of two different representations. Our results include the calculation of the anomalous dimensions of gauge-invariant fermion bilinear operators, and the derivative of the beta function, evaluated at the infrared fixed point. We illustrate our results in an SU($N_c$) gauge theory with $N_F$ fermions in the fundamental representation and $N_{Adj}$ fermions in the adjoint representation.