Juri Smirnov joins CP3-Origins

August 6, 2018

On August 1 Juri Smirnov began his second post doc at CP³-Origins, in the group of Francesco Sannino that aims at charing fundamental interactions and use this knowledge to build the next theories of nature. He did his PhD in Heidelberg, where his advisor was Prof. Manfred Lindner and worked for two years at the INFN division in Florence, with Michele Redi.

Juri Smirnov’s research area is the phenomenon of Dark Matter. Recently he and his collaborators studied in a series of paper the effects of bound state formation in Dark Sectors. It turns out that those complex phenomena are crucial for the relic abundance computation, in particular in the case that Dark Matter particles are heavier than the scale of electroweak interactions. In further research projects, he studied the phenomenon of massive gravity. He discussed various phenomenological implications of these theories in particular the effects on Dark Matter physics in the universe.