Right-handed Current Searches and Parity Doubling

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2018-25 DNRF90
Authors: James Gratrex (Edinburgh) and Roman Zwicky (Edinburgh & CP3-Origins)

The extraction of right-handed currents, beyond the Standard Model, faces theoretical chal-
lenges from long-distance contributions. We show that these effects can be controlled by
combining, for example, B → V (1− )γ and B → A(1+ )γ measurements. The sum of the
long-distance contributions can be extracted without compromise, and the individual pieces
follow from a ratio predicted by theory. This leads to significant reduction in the uncertainty. 2 ̄
The ideas extend to D-decays and the low q -region of B → V ll, and open the prospect of checking input affecting the angular B → K∗μμ-anomaly.