Newsletter April 2018

April 30, 2018

The CP3-newsletters summarise the centre’s activities and accomplishments over longer periods – usually some months. Previous newsletters can be found here. The most recent newsletter is from September 2017. More information can be found on our webpage

Outreach, Grants & Awards

People at CP3-Origins

  • Benjamin Jäger has joined CP3-Origins and the Danish IAS as an assistant professor. He will be part of the lattice field theory group at CP3-Origins.
  • From late January to mid April, we were visited by Sam Wong of Columbia University. Sam works on various topics in cosmology and was here to collaborate with Martin S. Sloth.

A list of our short-term guests can be found here. In 2017, we had 42 short-term guests in total, and in 2018 we have had 22 so far.

Events at CP3-Origins

In 2017, we had a total of 29 lectures and 32 journal club meetings. In 2018, we have so far had 13 and 12 respectively. Most of our lectures are recorded and can be viewed on our web page. A list of all events taking place at CP3-Origins can be found here.


A total of 58 preprints were authored by CP3-Origins researchers in 2017, and 15 have been written in 2018 so far. A list of all our preprints can be found here.

Future Newsletters

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