Polarized gamma rays from dark matter annihilations

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2018-15 DNRF90
Authors: Wei-Chih Huang (CP3-Origins) and Kin-Wang Ng (Academia Sinica)
External link: arXiv.org

In this paper, we explore the possibility of a linearly polarized gamma-ray signal from dark matter annihilations in the Galactic center. Considering neutral weakly interacting massive particles, a polarized gamma-ray signal can be realized by a two-component dark matter model of Majorana fermions with an anapole moment. We discuss the spin alignment of such dark matter fermions in the Galactic center and then estimate the intensity and the polarizability of the final-state electromagnetic radiation in the dark matter annihilations. For low-mass dark matter, the photon flux at sub-GeV energies may be polarized at a level detectable in current X-ray polarimeters. Depending on the mass ratio between the final-state fermion and DM, the degree of polarization at the mass threshold can reach $70\%$ or even higher, providing us with a new tool for probing the nature of dark matter in future gamma-ray polarization experiments.