Gauge-Yukawa theories: Beta functions at large $N_f$

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2018-11 DNRF90
Authors: Oleg Antipin (Rudjer Boskovic Institute), Nicola Andrea Dondi (CP3-Origins), Francesco Sannino (CP3-Origins & DIAS), Anders Eller Thomsen (CP3-Origins), and Zhi-Wei Wang (CP3-Origins & University of Waterloo)
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We consider the dynamics of gauge-Yukawa theories in the presence of a large number of matter constituents. We first review the current status for the renormalization group equations of gauge-fermion theories featuring also semi-simple groups. In this regime these theories develop an interacting ultraviolet fixed point that for the semi-simple case leads to a rich phase diagram. The latter contains a complete asymptotically safe fixed point repulsive in all couplings. We then add two gauged Weyl fermions belonging to arbitrary representations of the gauge group and a complex, gauged scalar to the original gauge-fermion theory allowing for new Yukawa interactions and quartic scalar self-coupling. Consequently, we determine the leading $1/N_f$ Yukawa and quartic beta functions. Our work elucidates, consolidates and extends results obtained earlier in the literature. We also acquire relevant knowledge about the dynamics of gauge-Yukawa theories beyond perturbation theory. Our findings are applicable to any extension of the standard model featuring a large number of fermions such as asymptotic safety.