Asymmetric dark matter, baryon asymmetry and lepton number violation

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2018-3 DNRF90
Authors: Mads T. Frandsen (CP3-Origins), Claudia Hagedorn (CP3-Origins), Wei-Chih Huang (CP3-Origins), Emiliano Molinaro (Aarhus University), and Heinrich Päs (TU Dortmund)
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We study the effect of lepton number violation (LNV) on baryon asymmetry, generated in the early Universe, in the presence of a dark sector with a global symmetry \(U(1)_X\), featuring asymmetric dark matter (ADM). We show that in general LNV, observable at the LHC or in neutrinoless double beta decay experiments, cannot wash out a baryon asymmetry generated at higher scales, unlike in scenarios without such dark sector. An observation of LNV at the TeV scale may thus support ADM scenarios. Considering several models with different types of dark matter (DM), we find that the DM mass is of the order of a few GeV or below in our scenario.