The high energy fate of the minimal Goldstone Higgs

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2017-50 DNRF90
Authors: Helene Gertov (CP3-Origins & DIAS), Sofie Gregersen (CP3-Origins & DIAS), Francesco Sannino (CP3-Origins & DIAS), and Kimmo Tuominen (University of Helsinki, & Helsinki Institute of Physics)
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We consider a minimal model where the Higgs boson arises as an elementary pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone boson. The model is based on an extended scalar sector with global SO(5)/SO(4) symmetry. To achieve the correct electroweak symmetry breaking pattern, the model is augmented either with an explicit symmetry breaking term or an extra singlet scalar field. We consider separately both of these possibili- ties. We fit the model with the known particle spectrum at the electroweak scale and extrapolate to high energies using renormalization group. We find that the model can remain stable and perturbative up to the Planck scale provided that the heavy beyond Standard Model scalar states have masses in a narrow interval around 3 TeV.