Wei-Cheih Huang joins CP3-Origins

August 22, 2017

Wei-Chih Huang portrait On August 1, Wei-Chih Haung joined CP3-Origins as a post doc. He got his PhD from Northwestern University where he worked with Professor André de Gouvêa on neutrino physics beyond the Standard Model (SM). As a postdoc, he has previously spent two years at SISSA, two years at University College London and two years at TU Dortmund.

His recent research focuses on the interplay between neutrino physics and dark matter (DM) phenomenology as both of massive neutrinos and the DM relic density cannot be accounted for within the SM.
Currently, he also studies impacts of lepton number violation observation on the early Universe; the underlying lepton number violating mechanism together with the sphalerons will destroy both the baryon and lepton asymmetries. In addition, he is investigating collider signatures based on a newly proposed Gauged Two Higgs Doublet Model as well as constraints from vacuum stability, perturbativity and the electroweak precision data.