More than 30 schools across Denmark are waiting for a physics talk by Quantum Rascals

February 1, 2017

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Banditterne kommer

From Monday the 6th of February, elementary and high schools can book presentations by Quantum Rascals from the Centre for Cosmology and Particle Physics (CP3-Origins) of the University of Southern Denmark. The last couple of months schools could sign up on a waiting list, and so far more than 30 elementary and high schools across the country have signed up.

Quantum Rascals have 3 different type of presentations – and more are being prepared. Two of these presentations are for the smallest rascals (4-12 years), while the third is meant for more senior students from age thirteen onward. We will explore the smallest building blocks in the Universe that are studied by particle physicists. Together we will go through the Standard Model of fundamental interactions. We will also see how these building blocks are discovered by colliding protons at the largest laboratory in the world, CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. However, 95 percent of the Universe is made by stuff that is not yet been discovered. Most excitingly we will discuss potential future theories of Nature that could explain these mysteries.

Quantum Rascals can be booked from Monday the 6th of February on

Read the full press release in English or in Danish.