Trilinear-Augmented Gaugino Mediation

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2017-2 DNRF90
Authors: Jan Heisig (RWTH Aachen University), Jörn Kersten (University of Bergen), Nick Murphy (CP3-Origins & DIAS), and Inga Strümke (University of Bergen)
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We consider a gaugino-mediated supersymmetry breaking scenario where in addition to the gauginos the Higgs fields couple directly to the field that breaks supersymmetry. This yields non-vanishing trilinear scalar couplings in general, which can lead to large mixing in the stop sector providing a sufficiently large Higgs mass. Using the most recent release of FeynHiggs, we show the implications on the parameter space. Assuming a gravitino LSP, we find allowed points with a neutralino, sneutrino or stau NLSP. We test these points against the results of Run 1 of the LHC, considering in particular searches for heavy stable charged particles.