Popular science talk on neutrinos by Heinrich Päs

December 5, 2016

Who: Heinrich Päs (Technical University Dortmund)
When: Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at 17:30
Where: O100

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Neutrinos by Heinrich PäsOn December 6th Heinrich Päs, professor of physics at the Technical University Dortmund and author of the critically acclaimed popular science book The Perfect Wave will take us on a journey through the mysterious world of neutrinos at SDU. The talk will be at a level accessible to high-school students


from the Nobel Prize into the Universe of Grand Unified Theories, Extra Dimensions and Time Travel

Auditorium O100 SDU, 17.30, tuesday 06-12-2016 (just inside the main University entrance)

Neutrinos are the most elusive and least understood of all particles of the Standard Model of elementary particle physics. The discovery that they are massive was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize. As Heinrich will discuss they offer a window into other profound mysteries of the fundamental laws of Nature.