Post-doc in Fundamental Interactions

November 16, 2016


Join the CP3 World Program

Deadline: December 20, 2016
Expected starting date: September 2017 (earlier starting time possible)
Job Location: SDU, Odense, Denmark

Postdoc opportunities are available in one of the following fields of theoretical physics: renormalisation group equations, (Supersymmetric) CFTs, phase diagram of theories of fundamental interactions, higher order computations, numerical methods for fundamental interactions or effective field theories at the Centre for Cosmology and Particle Physics Phenomenology at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense. We are looking for outstanding and highly competitive candidates with a demonstrated potential to excel in research.

The prospective candidate will work in the group of Francesco Sannino that counts several PhD students, postdocs and assistant professors founded by several national and international research agencies. The candidate will also benefit from several extensive workshops, schools, the immense research network as well as an already established vigorous visitor programme covering all the aspects of the research project envisioned.

CP3-Origins is a centre of excellence established by the Danish National Research Foundation, dedicated to the understanding of the origins of bright and dark matter in the universe, as well as to the understanding of the mathematical underpinning of gauge theories of fundamental interactions. At the moment it contains ten faculty members and several postdocs and PhD students in the areas of particle physics phenomenology, beyond standard model physics, astroparticle physics, lattice field theory, and cosmology. CP3-Origins offers an extremely dynamical and exciting work environment. We have close collaborations with leading scientists in Europe and the US and the centre is one of the cornerstones of our physics research.

The appointment will be for a term of one plus one year at a very competitive salary, and it is expected to start at the beginning of 2017.

Priority will be given to letters of interest received within the deadline December 20, 2016, but late letters may be considered until the opening has been filled. We are happy to receive your expressions of interest all year long.

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In addition you are asked to arrange for three letters of references to be sent to us.

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Francesco Sannino, Professor

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