Sextet Model with Wilson Fermions

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2016-44 DNRF90
Authors: Martin Hansen (CP3-Origins) and Claudio Pica (CP3-Origins)
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We present new results from our ongoing study of the SU(3) sextet model with two flavors in the two-index symmetric representation of the gauge group. In the simulations use unimproved Wilson fermions to investigate the infrared properties of the model. We have previously presented results for the spectrum of the model in the weak coupling regime. Here, to better understand the overall behavior of the lattice model, we map its non-trivial phase structure in the space of bare parameters. At strong coupling, we observe a first order phase transition when decreasing the bare quark mass. This first order transition weakens when moving towards weaker couplings with an endpoint at a finite value of the bare coupling, after which it appears to be a continuous transition. We also investigate the behavior of the mass spectrum and scale-setting observable, as a function of the quark mass, and show that their qualitative behavior change significantly when moving from the strong coupling into the weak coupling phase.