Detection prospects for conformally constrained vector-portal dark matter

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2016-43 DNRF90
Authors: Rainer Dick (University of Saskatchewan), Robert Mann (University of Waterloo), Frederick Sage (University of Saskatchewan), Tom Steele (University of Saskatchewan), and Zhi-Wei Wang (CP3-Origins & University of Saskatchewan & University of Waterloo)
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We work with a UV conformal U(1)’ extension of the Standard Model, motivated by UV completion and the recent collider anomalies. This model admits fermionic vector portal WIMP dark matter charged under the U(1)’ gauge group. The asymptotically safe boundary conditions can be used to fix the coupling parameters, which allows the observed thermal relic abundance to constrain the mass of the dark matter particle. This highly restricts the parameter space, allowing strong predictions to be made. The parameter space of several UV conformal U(1)’scenarios will be explored, and both bounds and possible signals from direct and indirect detection observation methods will be discussed.