Quantum Rascals present: Quantum City in Odense (Denmark)

September 20, 2016

When: Thursday, October 13, 2016

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The Quantum Rascals are here! They want to widely convey the rebellious nature of our quantum universe and all the secrets it hides. And there are many secrets!

Quantum Rascals will kick-off the autumn by inviting all curious young and adults to the first event: Quantum City.

Quantum City is a sequence of popular science events, which will be held multiple times a year. Scientists will open up to the public about their research and explain their fields at eye level for people. Quantum Rascals have a high ambition. Science is for all, and it has to be cool to participate.

The first Quantum City will be held at Studenterhuset, Amfipladsen 6, Odense on October 13 from 7-9 pm. It will be a magical evening in the quantum universe, where SDU’s new hotshot, Sebastian Hofferberth, will convey his pioneering and innovative research within quantum optics and quantum physics. He will explain, how light is built up by tiny light particles.

Sebastian explains: “We use light-based technology everyday, when playing CDs, surfing the web, or checking out at the supermarket. All of these technologies, as well as many, many other applications from medicine to biology to fabrication and research, are built on the laser. Lasers provide (almost) ideal sources of “classical” light, which enable us to exploit all concepts from traditional optics for technology and research.

On the other hand, light is “quantum” – it is made up of inseparable particles, that are also called photons. While the quantum theory of light – “quantum optics” – is well-established, our experimental capabilities for working with individual photons are still rather limited. Developing techniques for creating and manipulating single photons is thus an extremely active research area!”

Despite the rebellious nature of quantum light, Sebastian recently managed to develop a technique to create single photons. On October 13 he will explain how he did something so revolutionary, and what it can be used for!

Read the press release here (in Danish): Kvanteby i Odense 13. oktober 2016 (Studenterhuset).