SU(2) gauge theory with two fundamental flavours: scalar and pseudoscalar spectrum

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2016-35 DNRF90
Authors: Rudy Arthur (CP3-Origins), Vincent Drach (CERN), Ari Hietanen (CP3-Origins), Claudio Pica (CP3-Origins), and Francesco Sannino (CP3-Origins & DIAS)
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We investigate the scalar and pseudoscalar spectrum of the SU(2)
gauge theory with two flavours of fermions in the fundamental
representation using non perturbative lattice simulations.
We provide first benchmark estimates of the mass of the lightest $0(0^{+})$ ($sigma$),
$0(0^{-})$ ($eta’$) and $1(0^+)$ ($a_0$) states, including estimates of the relevant disconnected contributions.
We find $m_{a_0}/fps= 16.7(4.9)$, $m_sigma/fps=19.2(10.8)$ and $m_{eta’}/fps = 12.8(4.7)$. These values for the masses of light scalar states provide crucial information for composite extensions of the Standard Model from the unified Fundamental Composite Higgs-Technicolor theory to models of composite dark matter.