Benjamín Grinstein joins the CP3 board

June 9, 2016

Portrait of Benjamín GrinsteinWe are happy to announce that Benjamín Grinstein has joined the CP3 Board.

Benjamín Grinstein received his doctorate in physics from Harvard University in 1984. The same year, he started as a junior research associate at the California Institute of Technology, before moving on to the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories in 1987, and Fermilab in 1988. He returned to Harvard between 1989 and 1992, first as an assistant professor and during his last year as an associate professor. From there, he moved to work on the tragically ill-fated Superconducting Super Collider as a senior scientist between 1991 and 1994 before getting his current position as Distinguished Professor of Physics at the University of California, San Diego.

Professor Grinstein’s primary research interest is understanding the underlying reasons and mathematical structures behind particle physics. Ever since the muon was discovered physicists have wondered why it exists. Are there mathematics that require its existence for consistency? Are electrons and muons made of more fundamental stuff, with the muon being an excited version of the electron? We now know that each of the basic constituents of stable matter (the up and down quarks, the electron and its ghostly neutrino) is accompanied by two heavier, unstable versions. Flavor Physics aims at determining the properties of these particles with high precision, hoping to uncover some rationale for their very existence. Professor Grinstein also has an interest in uncovering the mechanism responsible for mass of the fundamental constituents of matter and in the development and applications of Effective Field Theory to problems in particle physics.

We look very much forward to Benjamín’s advice and fruitful collaboration.

Benjamín Grinstein is replacing our outstanding colleague Paul Hoyer who is stepping down from the board according to the scheduled periodic renewal of the board.