Unification of Gauge Couplings in Radiative Neutrino Mass Models

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2016-24 DNRF90
Authors: Claudia Hagedorn (CP3-Origins & DIAS), Tommy Ohlsson (KTH, Stockholm), Stella Riad (KTH, Stockholm), and Michael A. Schmidt (The University of Sydney)
External link: arXiv.org

We investigate the possibility of gauge coupling unification in various radiative neutrino mass models, which generate neutrino masses at one- and/or two-loop level. Renormalization group running of gauge couplings is performed analytically and numerically at one- and two-loop order, respectively.
We study three different classes of neutrino mass models: (I) minimal ultraviolet completions of the dimension-7 Delta L=2 operators which generate neutrino masses at one- and/or two-loop level without and with dark matter candidates, (II) models with dark matter which lead to neutrino masses at one-loop level and (III) models with particles in the adjoint representation of SU(3). In class (I), gauge couplings unify in a few models and adding dark matter amplifies the chances for unification. In class (II), about a quarter of the models admit gauge coupling unification. In class (III), none of the models leads to gauge coupling unification. Regarding the scale of unification, we find values between 10^(14) GeV and 10^(16) GeV for models belonging to class (I) without dark matter, whereas models in class (I) with dark matter as well as models of class (II) prefer values in the range 5 x 10^(10) -5 x 10^(14) GeV.