White Dwarf Tests of Modified Gravity in PRL

April 14, 2016

Rajeev Jain, Chris Kouvaris and Niklas NielsenThe article White Dwarf Critical Tests for Modified Gravity by Rajeev Kumar Jain, Chris Kouvaris, and Niklas Grønlund Nielsen has been published in the prestigious journal Physical Review Letters.

Scalar-tensor theories of gravity can lead to modifications of the gravitational force inside astrophysical objects. We exhibit that compact stars such as white dwarfs provide a unique set-up to test such deviations from Newtonian gravitational physics inside the stars. We obtain stringent and independent constraints on the parameter \(\Upsilon\) characterizing the deviations from gravity using the mass-radius relation, the Chandrasekhar mass limit and the maximal rotational frequency of white dwarfs. We find that white dwarfs impose stronger constraints on \(\Upsilon\) than the red and brown dwarfs.

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