Naturality, Unification and Dark Matter

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2010-3
Authors: K. Kainulainen (Jyväskylä University and Helsinki Inst. of Physics), K. Tuominen (CP3-Origins), and J. Virkajärvi (Jyväskylä University and Helsinki Inst. of Physics)
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We consider a model where electroweak symmetry breaking is driven by Technicolor dynamics with minimal particle content required for walking coupling and saturation of global anomalies. Furthermore, the model features three additional Weyl fermions singlet under Technicolor interactions, which provide for a one-loop unification of the Standard Model gauge couplings. Among these extra matter fields exists a possible candidate for weakly interacting dark matter. We evaluate the relic densities and find that they are sufficient to explain the cosmological observations and avoid the experimental limits from earth-based searches. Hence, we establish a non-supersymmetric framework where hierarchy and naturality problems are solved, coupling constant unification is achieved and a plausible dark matter candidate exists.