Higgs-radion/dilaton phenomenology and dark matter from warped extra dimension

Who: Aqeel Ahmed (Warsaw University)
When: Monday, January 18, 2016 at 14:15

After a brief review of the five dimensional Randall-Sundrum model, I will discuss three different phenomenologically motivated scenarios of the warped extra dimensions. (i) First, the phenomenology of the stabilized Randall-Sundrum model with the bulk SM fields, except the Higgs doublet which is localized on the IR-brane. In the low energy 4D effective theory I will give a closer look at the Higgs-Radion/dilaton mixing and the recent 750 GeV diphoton excess at the LHC. (ii) Second, the Higgs-Radion unification: a scenario where the bulk Higgs doublet plays the role of the stabilizing field and in the low energy 4D effective theory the radion and the Higgs boson unify, such that the Higgs-radion (unified) field mimics the scalar particle observed at the LHC with mass 125 GeV. (iii) Third, I will present an IR-UV-IR model which allows to define a warped KK-parity under which all the bulk fields are either even or odd, such that the lowest odd KK-mode is stable and can serve as the dark-matter candidate.


Slides from the talk