Professor Francesco Sannino receives prestigious elite researcher award

January 28, 2010

Francesco Sannino was awarded the Elite Researcher Prize by the Danish Ministry of Science EliteForskat the end of January. The Elite Researcher Prize (EliteForsk-Pris in Danish) is given to outstanding researchers and is one of the most prestigious awards given in Denmark. The prize amounts to a total of DKK 1.2 million of which 1 million is for research.

Argumentation for the Prize from the Ministry
The research work of Francesco Sannino is at an extremely high international level. His work is original and covers a wide spectrum of topics ranging from cosmology to particle physics. He works on dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking which require the knowledge of the phase diagram of a large class of strongly coupled theories. He has also shown that some of the models he proposed lead to interesting candidates for Dark Matter.

Thanks to Sannino’s highly recognized international research work he was awarded the prestigious Marie Curie Excellence Grant in 2005 from the European Commission. Francesco Sannino has over 100 peer reviewed published research articles, and several as single author. To date he has collected more than 3600 citations, which is a very high number for such a young researcher and puts him at the front of research in high energy physics.

In 2009 Francesco Sannino became leader of the Centre for Particle Physics Phenomenology – CP3-Origins supported by the Danish National Research Foundation (Danmarks Grundforskingsfond).

For more information, see the home page of EliteForsk (in Danish).

News video from TV2-Fyn (in Danish):