The Origin of Everything: The Scientific Truth

October 20, 2015

Who: Martin Sloth (CP3-Origins), Chris Kouvaris (CP3-Origins), and Thomas Ryttov (CP3-Origins)
When: Friday, November 6, 2015 at 16:00
Where: O100

The Origin of Everything: The Scientific Truth

Do you wonder where the world comes from? How the fundamental constituents of matter are tied together? And what possible answers there can be to some of the greatest questions of modern science?

On November 6, scientists from CP3-Origins will answer these questions and more with a strong basis in scientific discoveries and ideas.

15:30 Doors open
16:00 Introduction
16:15 The Origin of the Universe with Martin Sloth
17:00 The Nature of Dark Matter with Chris Kouvaris
17:45 Grand Unified Theories with Thomas Ryttov
18:30 Q&A Session