Two new PhD students at CP3: Gertov and Toniato

August 26, 2015

Helen Gertov and Arianna Toniato

On August 1, Helene Gertov started as a PhD student at CP3-Origins, and on September 1, Arianna Toniato will join us as well.

Helene acquired both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from CP3-Origins under the supervision of Professor Francesco Sannino. The former with a thesis entitled Lorentz Violations – Was Einstein Wrong?, and the latter with An Elementary Extension of the Standard Model. She has been awarded the Oticon scholarship three times and her main interests are in quantum field theory and particle physics phenomenology.

Arianna got her B.Sc. in Physics in 2011, and her M.Sc. in Physics in 2015 at the University of Turin, Italy. For her M.Sc. thesis her supervisors were Professors Michele Caselle and Marco Panero, the subject was the study of interfaces in the three-dimensional Ising model, in the context of a low-energy effective string theory that describes the physics of a fluctuating interface, but also in a numerical context, with the realization of a computer program that evaluates the interface free energy by means of the application of non-equilibrium methods. She is very much interested in quantum field theory and lattice field theory.