Conformal symmetry vs. chiral symmetry breaking in the SU(3) sextet model

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2015-34 DNRF90 and DIAS-2015-34
Authors: Vincent Drach (CP3-Origins & DIAS), Martin Hansen (CP3-Origins & DIAS), Ari Hietanen (CP3-Origins & DIAS), Claudio Pica (CP3-Origins & DIAS), and Francesco Sannino (CP3-Origins & DIAS)
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We present new results for the SU(3) “sextet model” with two flavors transforming according to the two-index symmetric representation of the gauge group. The simulations are performed using unimproved Wilson fermions. We measure the meson and baryon spectrum of the theory for multiple bare quark masses at two different lattice spacings. To address the pressing issue of whether the model is inside or below the conformal window, we compare the spectrum to the expectations for a theory with spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking and to those of an IR conformal theory. Regardless of the answer (conformal or chirally broken), the theory is a cornerstone in our understanding of near-conformal and composite dynamics, ranging from technicolor models to unparticle physics. It is also interesting for the composite dynamics of vector-like singlets with respect to the Standard Model interactions.