The conformal window for adjoint QCD — Lattice simulations of supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory and technicolour theories

Who: Georg Bergner (University of Bern)
When: Monday, August 31, 2015 at 14:15
Where: The CP³ meeting room

In this talk I will compare lattice results of different gauge theories with fermions in the adjoint representation (adjoint QCD). The investigation of these theories is motivated by different approaches for an extension of the standard model. The theory with two Dirac flavours is also known as minimal walking technicolour, and the theory with one Majorana fermions is supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory. I will discuss the different behaviour of these theories. For further information about the conformal window for adjoint QCD, I will discuss also the case of one Dirac flavour. The results include the mass spectrum, in particular mesonic states with disconnected contributions and a specific spin half fermion-gluon state.


Slides from the talk