Student at CP3 gets Oticon Scholarship

January 8, 2010

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Ulrik Ishøj Søndergaard was recently rewarded the Oticon Scholarship. Ulrik is a master student at CP3-Origins and is currently working on his master thesis on Phases of Nature: A study on phase diagrams of Technicolor and Supersymmetric extensions of the Standard Model using a super computer.Ulrik Ishøj Søndergaard

Ulrik tells: “Whether I like it or not I have to acknowledge the fact that I am pretty competitive. I don’t like defeats so a tricky problem can keep me up all night, and a poor match of table football really gets to me. On the other hand the thrill of sudden understanding upon hours or days of studying is worth it all. On larger time scales I hope to continue being academically challenged while having opportunity to communicate interesting physics to students.”

The Oticon scholarship is granted to MSc students within science and engineering. Each student receives DKK 100,000 with the purpose of giving him or her the opportunity to concentrate on the final research project and to prepare the student for further studies at the Ph.D. level. The scholarship is given on grounds of the qualifications of the student based on marks and teacher statements, as well as an evaluation of the quality and relevance of the project description.