Towards Higgs Precision Physics at the LHC

Who: Stefan Dittmaier (MPI)
When: Monday, March 16, 2015 at 14:15
Where: The CP³ meeting room

The discovery of the Higgs boson at the CERN LHC in summer 2012 sets the stage for the future research in particle physics. After this discovery, which represents a milestone in the exploration of electroweak symmetry breaking, crucial questions remain: Is the discovered Higgs boson in line with the Standard Model prediction, how does it fit into extended models? Are there new symmetries and new particles at the TeV scale? The physics programme of the LHC, which restarts its operation in spring 2015 with higher energy and luminosity, addresses these questions. On the theory side the search for new particles, their interpretation, and the detailed investigation of the Higgs boson require increasingly precise predictions. The talk summarizes general elements of precision calculations for LHC processes, focusing on Higgs-boson physics in more detail. The prospects for precision studies of Higgs bosons at the LHC in the coming years and their possible implications are discussed.