Paul Hoyer is the New Visiting Professor

January 7, 2010

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Professor Paul Hoyer from Helsinki University visits CP³-Origins from January to May 2010.

He is a world leader in perturbative aspects of Quantum Chromodynamic and has held research positions at CERN, Oxford, Stony Brook and the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in US. He has been assistant professor at NORDITA (the nordic centre for advanced theoreticl studies) and director of NORDITA two times for a total of about 10 years!

He has made important contributions in high energy physics and in particular in the field of Quantum Chromo Dynamics/hadronic physics. He has famous papers (top 400+ citations) and several well known ones (100 +) according to SPIRES. He is the recipient of several prizes such as for example the E.J. Nyström Prize awarded for academic merits.

Hoyer’s work has deepened our knowledge of the nature of quarks and gluons within protons and neutrons, and his analyses of how these subatomic particles behave have improved our understanding of matter. Hoyer has been the chair of the department of High Energy Physics at Helsinki, of the research institute for Theoretical Physics of Helsinki, of the Finnish Physical Society. He has been also part of the High Energy Physics Prize committee of the European Physical Society.