Two new PhD students at CP3: Langæble and Grønlund Nielsen

September 10, 2014

Kasper Langæble and Niklas Grønlund NielsenOn September 15 2014, two brilliant students, Kasper Langæble and Niklas Grønlund Nielsen will start their PhD at CP3-Origins. Francesco Sannino will be their thesis advisor.  Thomas Ryttov and  Chris Kouvaris will act as co-advisors for Kasper and Niklas respectively.

Kasper obtained his bachelor degree in 2012 with a project on low energy effective descriptions and simulations of biological membranes. This was a study involving surface geometry and modelling protein interactions with the biological membrane through simple Monte Carlo simulations. He adds:

The goal of my PhD project is to further our knowledge of the nonperturbative aspects of strongly coupled theories and use the results to construct sensible extensions of the standard model of particle interactions able to explain the breaking of the electroweak theory and/or address the dark matter problem. If time allows it, I will also investigate models of composite dynamics that can be used for modeling cosmic inflation.

Niklas obtained his bachelors degree in 2013 after completing a project on detection of dark matter, supervised by Francesco Sannino. The project concerned direct detection of scalar dark matter with a very weak electromagnetic interaction. This allowed for distinction between proton and neutron in detector nuclei and could alleviate some experimental tensions.

My PhD project will concern the phenomenology of fundamental gauge interactions. The first goal is to extract physical observables from models where the Higgs particle is  composite. The primary motivation for this project is to further the understanding of the dark sector of the universe, by simultaneously solving problems of the Standard Model.