Origins of Mass Mini Workshop

When: Wednesday, November 25, 2009
Where: BMB’s seminar room

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The mini workshop aims at gathering together scientists working at the forefront of research in Strong Interactions, Technicolor, Holography and Lattice Field Theory. The meeting follows the formal inauguration of the centre for particle physics phenomenology CP³-Origins and will be followed by the second Odense Winter School on Geometry and Theoretical Physics.

A detailed program is available.

Main speakers

  • Keijo Kajantie (Helsinki)
  • Chris Kouvaris (Brussels)
  • Isabella Masina (CP³-Origins & Ferrara)
  • Kari Rummukainen (Helsinki)
  • Subir Sarkar (Oxford)
  • Robert Shrock (Stony Brook)
  • Roman Zwicky (CP³-Origins & Southampton)

Local Organizing Committee

  • Dennis D. Dietrich
  • Francesco Sannino
  • Joseph Schechter
  • Kimmo Tuominen


See the accommodation page for a list of hotels and for instructions.


Robert Shrock (Stony Brook)
Dynamical Electroweak Symmetry Breaking (slides from the talk)

Subir Sarkar (Oxford)
Discovering Dark Matter (slides from the talk)
Roman Zwicky (CP³-Origins & Southampton)
On Discrete Minimal Flavour Violation (slides from the talk)
Keijo Kajantie (Helsinki)
An AdS/QCD Model for Hot QCD Matter (slides from the talk)
Chris Kouvaris (Brussels)
Dark Matter from Technicolor (slides from the talk)
Kari Rummukainen (Helsinki)
Conformal Behaviour in Lattice Gauge Theory (slides from the talk)