Two new Postdocs at CP3: Rantaharju and Sandora

August 28, 2014

Jarno Rantaharju and McCullen SandoraSeptember 1, 2014 Jarno Rantaharju and McCullen Sandora start as Post Docs at CP3-Origins.

Jarno Rantaharju got his master degree at the University of Oulu under the supervision of Prof. Kari Rummukainen with a thesis titled The nuMSM and baryogenesis trough sterile neutrino oscillations. In 2012 he received a PhD in theoretical physics in 2012 at the University of Helsinki, Finland also under the supervision of Prof. Kari Rummukainen with the PhD thesis Mapping Conformal Field Theories on the Lattice. Since 2012, he has been a Post Doc at Riken AICS, Kobe, Japan.

Rantaharju adds: In the PhD thesis, I studied lattice methods for measuring the running coupling in models close to the conformal window. At Riken AICS I have studied the gradient flow method for measuring the running coupling.

McCullen Sandora received his PhD from the University of California, Davis under the tutelage of Nemanja Kaloper. His research involved different models of modified gravity and the dynamics they introduce for cosmology. Part of his work has focused on applying cosmological theories to the solar system setting, and with these techniques he placed strong constraints on models capable of screening bare vacuum energy. At another point he showed that partially massless gravitons cannot interact, and that all models of ghost free massive gravity admit superluminal signal propagation.

Now that he is coming to CP3-Origins, he is planning to focus his attention on possible signatures of new physics in the early universe. He is currently looking at how modified gravity leaves its imprint in various measurable correlators with Martin Sloth. He plans to investigate various other extensions to the inflationary paradigm that have to date remained unexplored, and hopes to explore various aspects of field theory, as it is applied to cosmology.