Two CP3 students get Oticon Scholarship

June 16, 2014

Oticon FondenNiklas Grønlund Nielsen and Kasper Langæble were recently awarded a shared Oticon Scholarship of DKK 100,000 for use in their master’s theses. Their projects, which they plan to start later this year, and for which they won the scholarship, are described below by the award winners themselves.

Kasper and Niklas

Kasper Langæble (right) writes: For the past half year, I have been studying Strong Dynamics, a course taught by Francesco Sannino. In this course, I enjoyed learning about the subtleties of Quantum Field theory and the different techniques and approaches needed to extract seemingly inaccessible information about strongly coupled theories, in particular Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD).

Like QCD describe protons and neutrons as composite particles consisting of color charged quarks, in my Master Thesis, “Unveiling Composite Dynamics”, I will study other strongly coupled theories which can provide a possible description of the Higgs particle as being a composite bound state of new constituents or a Goldstone boson resulting from a spontaneous symmetry breaking of this new theory.

I am very pleased to receive the Oticon prize, since this will allow me to fully devote myself to my thesis. I think this is a big step in the right direction of becoming a researcher in the field of high energy physics.

Niklas Grønlund Nielsen
  (left) adds: When I first heard about the dark sector of the universe, I was deeply shocked by how many parts of the field of physics that still need to be discovered. What really interests me today, is how to access information about the dark sector of the universe, and how to build well-motivated models on the basis of the limited information that is available. In my thesis, “Phenomenology of Fundamental Gauge Interactions”, I will study various dark extensions to the Standard Model and their experimental implications.

In particular I will study different dark matter models and their relation with direct and indirect experiments. I also hope to study exotic dark matter observables (such as dark astrophysical objects), that I believe could become an important step towards uncovering the nature of dark matter.

Receiving the Oticon scholarship, for me, is a great step towards a career in physics. It will definitely help me to focus solely on my thesis in the coming year.

The Oticon scholarship is granted to MSc students within science and engineering. Each students receives up to DKK 100,000 with the purpose of giving him or her the opportunity to concentrate on the final research project and to prepare the student for further studies at PhD level. The scholarship is given on grounds of the qualifications of the student, based on marks and teacher’s statements, as well as an evaluation of the quality and relevance of the project description.

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