New PhD student at CP3

March 20, 2014

Portrait of Martin Rasmus Lundquist HansenMarch 15, 2014, Martin Rasmus Lundquist Hansen started as a PhD student at CP3-Origins. Hansen obtained his bachelor’s degree in 2012 with a thesis on quantum gauge theories. This was a combined exercise in analytical derivations and numerical simulations of a pure SU(2) theory.

He writes: During my time as a graduate student I developed an interest in the merging of quantum field theory and the area of numerical methods and computational science. I am especially interested in the implementation and optimization of the numerical algorithms needed to solve strongly coupled theories.

My PhD project will, among other things, be concerned with a specific Technicolor model in which the Higgs particle is a composite bound state of techniquarks. There are indications that this model features a light scalar state that could turn out to be the Higgs particle.

Martin Rasmus Lundquist Hansen‘s PhD advisor is Claudio Pica.