The Higgs as Brad Pitt

March 6, 2014

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(Part of) Kloge Hoveder, Weekendavisen (c) Niels RolandIn Niels Roland’s comic strip Kloge Hoveder (Danish for clever heads) the Higgs particle is compared to a jogging Brad Pitt*! While Brad Pitt is agile and in great shape, he draws so much attention from his fans, that he almost cannot move around: he becomes a very heavy particle by interacting with his fans. While this is a bit of a stretch compared to the real Higgs particle it is quite fun!

The comic strip appeared last week in the national Danish newspaper Weekendavisen and is reproduced below with permission of the author:

*N.B. The original comparison between the Higgs mechanism and the way Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie can acquire a mass is due to Francesco Sannino.

Kloge Hoveder, Weekendavisen (c) Niels Roland