New Type IIB Backgrounds and Aspects of Their Field Theory Duals

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2014-4 DNRF90 and DIAS-2014-4
Authors: Elena Caceres (Universidad de Colima & The University of Texas at Austin), Niall T. Macpherson (Swansea University & University of Oviedo), and Carlos Nuñez (Swansea University & CP3-Origins and DIAS)
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In this paper we study aspects of geometries in Type IIA and Type IIB String theory and elaborate on their field theory dual pairs. The backgrounds are associated with reductions to Type IIA of solutions with G2 holonomy in eleven dimensions. We classify these backgrounds according to their G-structure, perform a non-Abelian T-duality on them and find new Type IIB configurations presenting dynamical SU(2)-structure. We study some aspects of the associated field theories defined by these new backgrounds. Various technical details are clearly spelled out.