Newsletter March 2014

March 13, 2014

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The CP3-newsletters summarise the centre’s activities and accomplishments over longer periods – usually some months. Previous newsletters can be found here. The previous newsletter is from October 2013. More information can be found on our webpage artist’s impression shows how the Milky Way galaxy would look seen from almost edge on and from a very different perspective than we get from the Earth. The central bulge shows up as a peanut shaped glowing ball of stars and the spiral arms and their associated dust clouds form a narrow band. (c) ESO/NASA/JPL-Caltech/M. Kornmesser/R. Hurt

Outreach, Grants & Awards

Matin Mojaza at Vidensfestival 2014 (c) Nadia Fryd

People at CP3-Origins

From left to right: Ulrik I. Søndergaard, Oleg Antipin, Kerstin Kunze, Alessandro Codello

  • Ulrik I. Søndergaard defended his PhD thesis at the end of October 2013.
  • Oleg Antipin left CP3-Origins at the end of October 2013 to join the Firenze group in high energy physics. 
  • We received in December 2013 circa 370 expressions of interests to join our group as postdocs in the fall 2014. Several outstanding candidates have been recruited. 
  • Kerstin Kunze visited CP3-Origins for four weeks in November-December.
  • Alessandro Codello started as postdoc this February.

A list of our short time guests can be found here. During 2013, we have had in total 47 short-term guests.

Events at CP3-Origins

Mass 2014

During 2013, we had in total 49 lectures and 31 journal club meetings. Most of our lectures are recorded and can be viewed on our web page. A list of all events taking place at CP3-Origins can be found here.

In January, CP3 could finally start using our brand-new awesome CP3-Meeting room! Come, see it and feel inspired.


During 2013, CP3-Origins researchers published in total 54 preprints. A list of all our preprints can be found here.

Future Newsletters

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