Alessandro Codello joins CP3-Origins

February 1, 2014

Portrait of Alessandro Codello On February 1, 2014 Alessandro Codello starts as a Post Doc at CP3-Origins.

Codello was awarded his laurea degree at the University of Trieste in June 2006 under the supervision of Docent Roberto Percacci where he worked on Asymptotic Safety in Quantum Gravity. In December 2010 he was awarded his PhD from the University of Mainz where he worked under the supervision of Docent Martin Reuter. In his PhD thesis A Novel Functional Renormalization Group Framework for Gauge Theories and Gravity he studied the use of Functional Renormalization Group as a general tool to define and construct Quantum Field Theories in a non-perturbative way, with particular focus on Gauge Theories and Gravity.

His research interests are: Functional Renormalization Group approach to Quantum Field Theory, Asymptotic Safety in Quantum Gravity, non-perturbative beta functions for Yang-Mills theories, classification of Universality Classes in Statistical Mechanics and the Geometry of Fluctuating Membranes.