The Up-Shot of Down-Scattering at CDMS-Si

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2013-53 DNRF90 and DIAS-2013-53
Authors: Mads, T. Frandsen (CP3-Origins & DIAS) and Ian M. Shoemaker (CP3-Origins & DIAS)
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We study dark matter that inelastically scatters and de-excites in direct detection experiments, as an interpretation of the CDMS-Si events in light of the recent LUX data. The constraints from LUX and XENON10 require the mass-splitting between the DM excited and de-excited states to be |δ| >~ 50 keV. At the same time, the CDMS-Si data itself do not allow for a consistent DM interpretation for mass splittings larger than |δ| ~ 200 keV. We find that a low threshold analysis will be needed to rule out this interpretation of the CDMS-Si events. In a simple model with a kinetically mixed dark photon, we show that the CDMS-Si rate and the thermal relic abundance can both be accommodated.