Conformal Dynamics for TeV Physics and Cosmology

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2009-20
Author: Francesco Sannino (CP3-Origins)
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We introduce the topic of dynamical breaking of the electroweak symmetry and its link to unparticle physics and cosmology. The knowledge of the phase diagram of strongly coupled theories plays a fundamental role when trying to construct viable extensions of the standard model (SM). Therefore we present the state-of-the-art of the phase diagram for SU, Sp and SO gauge theories with fermionic matter transforming according to arbitrary representations of the underlying gauge group. We summarize several analytic methods used recently to acquire information about these gauge theories. We also provide new results for the phase diagram of the generalized Bars-Yankielowicz and Georgi-Glashow chiral gauge theories. These theories have been used for constructing grand unified models and have been the template for models of extended technicolor interactions. To gain information on the phase diagram of chiral gauge theories we will introduce a novel all orders beta function for chiral gauge theories. This permits the first unified study of all non-supersymmetric gauge theories with fermionic matter representation both chiral and non-chiral. To the best of our knowledge the phase diagram of these complex models appears here for the first time. We will introduce recent extensions of the SM featuring minimal conformal gauge theories known as minimal walking models. Finally we will discuss the electroweak phase transition at nonzero temperature for models of dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking.