Polyakov Loops and the Hosotani mechanism

Who: Guido Cossu (KEK, Japan)
When: Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 14:15
Where: U143

The Hosotani mechanism is a gauge-Higgs unification model based on compactification of extra-dimensions. I will discuss the phase structure and symmetry breaking of four-dimensional SU(3) gauge theory with one spatial compact dimension on the lattice in the presence of fermions in the adjoint and fundamental representations with general boundary conditions. The eigenvalue phases of Polyakov loops and the associated susceptibility are measured on $16^3 \times 4$ lattice. The correspondence between the four phases first found by Cossu and D’Elia [JHEP 0907 (2009) 048] and the gauge symmetry breaking by the Hosotani mechanism is established. Density plots of eigenvalue phases of the Polyakov loop in the simulations support the effective potential analysis of gauge symmetry breaking by the Hosotani mechanism at the non-perturbative level.