Linear confinement without dilaton in bottom-up holography for walking technicolor

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2009-9
Authors: Dennis D. Dietrich (CP3-Origins), Matti Järvinen (CP3-Origins), and Chris Kouvaris (NBI)
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In PRD78(2008)055005 [arXiv:0805.1503 [hep-ph]] and PRD79(2009)075004 [arXiv:0809.1324 [hep-ph]], we constructed a holographic description of walking technicolour theories using both a hard- and a soft-wall model. Here, we show that the dilaton field becomes phenomenologically irrelevant for the spectrum of spin-one resonances once a term is included in the Lagrangian that mixes the Goldstone bosons and the longitudinal components of the axial vector mesons. We show how this mixing affects our previous results and we make predictions about how this description of technicolour can be tested.