Cosmology after Planck

Who: Nicolai Sandal Banke (CP3-Origins)
When: Monday, August 12, 2013

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Nicolai Sandal Banke‘s bachelor advisor was Francesco Sannino.
In this report a review of the standard cosmological model, the ΛCDM model, is presented. First an introduction to standard cosmology is given, introducing the Cosmological Principle, the Big Bang Model and the scale factor, as well as cosmic dynamics. Then multiple-component universes are presented, and different equations describing their evolution are derived. One of the most mysterious components in the universe, dark matter, is introduced in chapter 3, explaining its discovery and how the substance works to keep galaxies and clusters of galaxies together. Next, the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) will be discussed including its usefulness to observational cosmology and what can be inferred from probes on the CMB will be explained. The cosmological problems and solution related to inflation as well as the physics behind it, is outlined in chapter 5, and large scale structure is covered in chapter 6. This explains mainly the role played by gravity in the structure formation of the universe. Lastly, the most recent paper from the Planck collaboration will be introduced, and some of the main results found therein are presented.

The bachelor project is available as a PDF file.